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Arise work from home Review – Scam or Legit?

Arise work from home Review – Scam or Legit?

Arise – What is it? and everything you need to know whether this programme can make you money or not!

Today in my post I will be covering the work from home company Arise. Have you come across this company before? Likely chances are that you have or that you’re looking for a work at home opportunity which is why you have landed here on my blog page. Welcome:)

You’re in the right place, I will be giving you my own personal review on this Arise company from which you can decide if this is for you or not. This blog is not like other blogs, I personally am a partner with Arise, not an affiliate or anything like that, but I have actually been working at home with Arise myself for the last 9 months and so far I really am glad I found this company. Read more to find out why I really am glad I found it!

Let me tell you a bit about me and how I came across Arise. I’m stay at home mum, back in September 2017 I had just ended my maternity, that’s when my search for a home working job began. I know there’s many mums and some dads out there who don’t wish to return to the 9-5 full time routine after having beautiful little bundle of joys and we wish we could spend all the time with our little ones but of course in today’s day and age without an income its hard, don’t you agree? That’s why my search began.

When searching for work at home companies Arise pops up on the first page of google search, you have probably seen it pop up in yours also which made you wonder.. hmm could this be another scam? Thank the lords I can happily say ITS NOT! I firstly rummaged every page on their website and really liked what they had to offer. I also gave the Arise work at home team a call on their website number, they answered the call to my surprise and were very happy to assist me get on board. This increased my trust towards this company and made me want to join.

So, do you want to work from home? Or want a part time job you can do along with your other tasks? Then keep reading as this review may be for you.

So what is Arise work from home?

First of all and most importantly you need to know that you are not becoming a full or part time employee of Arise. Arise is more of a home business opportunity. They are actually offering you a business, not just self-employment. When you join Arise, you’re an independent contractor – a lot like running your own little virtual call center. As you’re an independent contractor, you don’t actually work for Arise. They’re more like a middleman to help you get set up and then connect you with the people who’ll actually end up hiring you. There are a list of companies you can join one you have passed the assessment with Arise and enrolled on board. I will go through them later on during my blog so keep reading.

How does Arise work and how to get on-board?

To begin, you will need to do a few things. First, you need to apply and pass a basic skills assessment. This is a fairly easy basic test and from what I can remember it gives you 2 attempts in case you need to redo it. The questions are pretty basic and no revision in required. Then you’ll need to get a background check (costs around $8- $30 depending on which area or state you live in). My background check cost $30 (GBP25) as I am in the United Kingdom. It took about 2 weeks to come through however when you register for a background check they give you a reference number which can be entered into the Arise platform temporarily so you don’t have to wait 2 weeks to begin earning money.

Equipment required to qualify to work from home:

You’ll also need to set up a bank account to use solely for receiving your Arise payments. In addition, you’ll need the typical home office setup — a computer, a separate landline, and high-speed wired (not wireless) internet. Have you got all these 3? Then you’re ready to start enrolling and choosing which company you want to contract for.

Once you pass the assessment it’s all pretty easy from there on, you get to log in and choose an ibo (independent contractor company) who you want to work with and then start your training.

Does training cost?

Yes! As you are using Arise’s platform you will be charged of course. It’s not much, you pay for your initial training which is around £30-£60. The amount depends on what programme you have chosen to service on. I chose NPOWER. It’s an energy provider for gas and electricity in the UK. The training to be enrolled on to this platform cost me £30 which included my 8 week training programme and set-up to get me started in order to start earning revenue. I personally was a little sceptical to pay for this training as I thought why should I pay upfront to be hired right? However the fee was for the trainers who take their time out to train you on the programme you chose. Makes sense!

Following up from the training fee, Arise also deduct a £10 monthly usage fee for using their Arise platform. My first pay cheque was around £350 for the 2 weeks I had serviced. Arise IBO’S pay you bi-monthly or if you don’t want to be paid bi-monthly you can opt for monthly instead. This is all discussed in your contract when you get it. So for £10 to be deducted from that was no biggie for me. I also remember getting an additional end of the month bonus after 4 weeks of working with the programme as I hit my targets. It was nice to see they don’t just pay you for your hours but also treat you like there contact centre employees and give bonuses too.

What type of Work does Arise involve?:

Arise is mostly contact centre call work. You may be lucky depending on who’s recruiting on the time of your application if you can find other types of work such as data entry or web evaluator roles however the majority is Inbound and maybe some but outbound call work. Large companies such as BT, Npower, eBay, Nestle, Interval Exchange, NCS and many more big names all contract with Arise to find people like us who want to work from home and earn.

Would I recommend?

Absolutely! I am grateful I found this company to allow me to work from home and earn an income without having to leave home after leaving full time employment. The hours are fully flexible, I choose when I want to work as long as I commit to my minimum 15 hours per week I’m all good and your contract will keep on rolling. I can book time off whenever I don’t want to service, I remember I booked 4 weeks off as I was moving home and had no broadband, Arise are fully flexible like that. They pay me bi-monthly so I don’t have to wait too long until my next payday – added bonus wouldn’t you say?. If you’re ok with inbound calls this will be a breeze for you, the process to get started wasn’t painful and it was fairly easy to learn the training. Not rocket science taking calls hey! No prior experience is required so even if you new mums or dads are scared that you’ll apply and get rejected, don’t worry, they train you fully 😊.

Here’s the link if you want to have a browse around on their website, you may decide if this is for you and give it a go: best of luck! . Also don’t forget to check out my previous posts on more work from home reviews: Easy1up review! is this really another pyramid scheme?

Any question do post it in the comments below, I will be happy to respond and guide you further.

Hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you stick around for my next one😊

Much love, Coffee.


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