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LOWER blood sugar levels and ketones with BARLEY

LOWER blood sugar levels and ketones with BARLEY

Hello Coffees,

I hope you all are keeping well. Welcome to another one of my reads. As you recently would have read in my previous post my Little one was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Type 1 diabetes GOT my 19 month year old Son . It came as a big shock and meant i had to be more careful and considerate about the food choices i make for my little one. One of the foods I introduced into his diet was Barley.

Highs and Lows become a part of your everyday life when your a type 1 diabetic. Its frustrating enough having to check your blood sugars 6-8 times and day and worse when there not the results you expect. Overall we just want to be able to stay in range and eat what we want happily but for a type 1 diabetic the case is different. Carb Control plays an important factor in a diabetics diet and il explain why.

Why carb count?

Carbs play an important role in increasing and decreasing your blood sugars. When my little one was diagnosed he was at 33.3mmol. As soon as he was given insulin treatment it bought the blood sugars down to 7mmol. Between 4-7 it should be for a normal person and that’s the same range diebtics should aim for also. Insulin is given to break down the carbs and distribute them equally around the body to avoid blood sugar spikes and to give energy. The reason often for these spikes is because theres not enough insulin in the body to break down the carbs which results in fluctuated amounts of blood sugars. Vise versa if your blood sugars are low it means you have too much insulin in the body and not enough food for it to break down, so maintaining that balance is key. Highs and Lows in diabetic terms are called Hyperglycaemia and Hypoglycaemia.

So how do we know how much insulin to give ourselves?

The amount of carbs entering the body is the fraction equivalent to the amount of insulin which is required to enter also. For example my little one is on a 20:1 carb ratio. This means for every 20 grams of carbs he needs 1 unit of insulin. This will be different for each person as it depends how there body breaks down the food and how sensitive they are to the insulin.

There are many types of foods proven to help stabalise blood sugars in diabetics. Barley is one 1 came across and after trying it out on my little one its become a daily meal for him. What barley does it stabalises the blood sugars and avoids the levels from spiking. Barley contains benefits for improving insulin sensitivity and improves appetite control. It keeps you full for longer and works slowly in the body when breaking down so its not causing your blood sugars to spike. Barley also plays a role in preventing Ketones as the need for insulin is not resistant. As Barley makes the insulin more sensitive it manages to transfer around the body without the need of developing Ketones as ketones only develop when insulin has not run its full course or is not enough.

Pure Barley

Do note the Barley that you should use should be 100% organic. You can order from this link that I used to order for the first time, it allowed me to order alittle amount 1kg for a very reasonable amount. Plus if you enter the discount code the product is free, you just pay shipping:)

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Below is the recipe I use to prepare a healthy barley breakfast for my little one.

  • 250ml Whole Milk (can be semi skimmed or any milk that you prefer)
  • 2tbs of barley powder or barley flakes if you wish to have more of a cereal type rather than porridge.
  • 1/2tsp honey (optional but not recommended for hyper control) – The best honey to use is Raw. That contains high natural ingredients which can also help  maintain levels and stop them from exceeding too high as opposed to store bought pasteurised (Raw Honey buy it now)
  • 1/2tsp flax seeds or sesame seeds for taste (optional – just to pour on top towards the end)
  • Whisk for mixing


  1. Pour all the milk into a boiling pan and at the same time pour in the Barley powder.
  2. Stir with whisk and continue stirring on a medium heat. (You can use a electric whisk or a hand whisk)
  3. The Barley powder will begin to dissolve into the milk. Continue stirring to avoid lumps.
  4. Add honey and stir
  5. Once milk starts bubbling take off heat and pour into bowl. The mixture should be slightly thick when its cooked.
  6. Sprinkle seeds on top if desired.

This amount is equivalent to 26g of carbs.

Do try this recipe out and watch your levels be better controlled than any other cereal you would usually eat. The good thing is that it even tastes nice!

Thanks for reading, please let me know in the comments below if you gave this a try and how  your levels remained, for more recipes check out my previous blog posts. How to make the best Asian style Sindhi Biryani

Until next time, much love Coffee. x

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