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Business and Motherhood tips all at your fingertips!

Why online network marketing can make you rich

Why online network marketing can make you rich

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Online network marketing i hear you say? I have been asked several times by people who have just joined a networking business, “should i market my business online? i always turn back and say well WHY should you not? Online network marketing is major key to any success! In my eyes its in fact much easier than the traditional strategy used which includes face to face interaction.

What is online network marketing

Online network marketing allows you to connect with people all around the globe instantly. It allows you to promote or buy/sell a product to the online audience without having to wake up early in the morning to get dressed in your suit and boots just so you can earn some money – this can be done from the comfort of your own home in your pyjamas too! awesome right?

Depending on what type of networking company you join you can almost build almost all your income from it online. All you require is a device which has access to the world-wide web (Internet). It’s a way of building relationships with people who will eventually become your down-line and offer the same product or information you are doing. In a nutshell its like the Snowball effect. Person A introduces the item or sells the item to person B who then uses guidance from his mentor Person A to sell the item to Person C and so on Person C will eventually do the same < i really hope i make sense here.

Growing your business online is super efficient, it’s not easy as A, B C but can be if the right amount of time and commitment is given. That is when you will reap the full rewards. With today’s digital technology in place you simply have no excuse not to try it and if you already are doing so then there are so many uncountable ways demonstrating how you can continue to keep it growing (these will be shared in my coming posts).

The Benefits of online network marketing

  • Passive IncomeĀ  – Passive income is an income received on a regular basis with little effort required to maintain. Once you have a certain number of promotional offers in place such as ads which keep bringing in new sign ups etc and even a considerable amount of down-line who are also busy building their business which benefits you via the commission you receive. This will keep bringing you constant revenue which eventually turns into residual income. The internet is an amazing platform to turn your online networking business into an auto-pilot machine where you can get sales even when you sleep.. after all the world is round right and not every one sleeps at the same time, meaning there will always be somebody who can get access to what your service is offering.
  • Online network marketing is very similar to Affiliate marketing – only better! its like killing two birds with one stone because both strategies work in a very similar way.
  • Beats the traditional network marketingĀ  – most conventional companies are still using the traditional method to buy/sell their products i:e face to face. Seeing that according to internet world statistics 2016 there were more than 1 billion people online would you not rather have your message reach over thousands of people at once rather than 10 maybe? I am not judging the traditional method, i personally think that is great too since it builds and keeps people’s trust – however if i was managing my networking business, it would most definitely be online. If your anyone like me who likes to hide behind their computer screen then this is definitely the best way to build your business.

Furthermore its easier to automate and scale your network marketing business online. Everything is digital so you can save your effort, time and money all together. There are several ways you can do this, this could be via the various social media platforms that are almost available to everyone around the world.

Online network marketing is a proven method to earn money online so give it a go now, you have nothing to lose!.

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